IBM® Connections is a leader solution of social software that helps your organization to contact the righ people, speed up innovation and offer more results. A rich platform in integrated safety, which links every collaborators of the company in a only collaborative channel and pertinent to the stream of business activities.

With IBM® Connections you work in a wise way, not laborious. It provides more than a connection peer-to-peer, webs assets and join people together in a significant context. Stablish communities, store files, manage projects, assign tools and have total control over who can see and edit everything.

See below the main ways that you have to use the collaboration to organize your employee, to energize your company and turn your time into productivity.


Receive every day in the morning your first access do the daily newsletter including everything that happened on the platform. Review your updates made in the communities, wikis, activities and other applicatioons. So visit the homepage to process any new notification or actios.

• Use the guide page with the to-do list so you never lose the control of a task. Reunite to-do items for every project in only one place, including those that you create and attach to the others.

• Never ask: "where is this file?" again. Find the most recent version of a document quickly, regardless of if it was posted yesterday or two months ago. Make an upload file from your computer to share with the others.

• Away form your desktop? Don't lose anything. Update the mail status, see the recent activities and notifications, review the to-do items, or access a file with the Connections Mobile.



Join people. Create a community for your organization supported in project key and common interests. So, use the community tools to share information, to collaborate, to discuss, to do a brainstorms, and to make things happen.

• Keep your inbox clear. Organize yourself using the community tools. Don't send files by e-mail anymore. Use the community tools to post files that every user can vizualise and update. Post bookmarks of common interest of everybody. 

• Give your team something to talk about. Foster the communication with a forum to make them share ideas and expertise. Any news to broadcast? Try a blog to share updates about a common subject.

• Work together. Name a wiki as a document repository of the group. The community members can contribute, review and edit documents in a central channel. Track your tasks in a community activity.

• Make it completely personal. Customise your community, adding and removing widgets while you find the set of appropriate tools to do the job. Are there any imminet setback? Add a calendar of events to keep all of them within the deadline required.



You don't need to do this by yourself. Track and participate of  a community of your interest. The next step is to offer your hands to the community members, share resources, post comments and participate of debates. Follow the community and receive its updates bu e-mail.

• Do you need help? Connections counts with profile search directed to find other with the experience you need. Help others find you; update your profile adding your information about job, the interests and tags that show your area of specialization.

• Talk about a whole variety of subjects with the mates. Use a forum to discuss and debate solutions to common problems, make questions, and make use of the others' experience at your organization.

• Prepare yourself to better meetings with new people, visualizing previously your profile. Find out in which projects they are involved, where they work, and for whom they work.

• Share the job status and progress, with a personal touch. Use a personal blog in a quickly and easy way to share your news and opinion, or keep the people in your network informed about what you are doing, updating regularly your personal status messages.



Star by organizing yourself. Create an activity and add sections to each specific part of the project. Follow the links, enter other links to files and assign related items.

• Know exactly what is happening on your project at every moment, through the visualization of recent updates of the platform.

• Assign an item of a task to a mate, while he is immediately notified. You are notified as soons as he finish the item of the task. How do you want to be notified? See actions on the homepage or set the notifications from regular e-mail.

• Your team will always know what tasks they are responsible for and when they are necessary. See every items of  tasks delegated to the entire team, organized by people and tasks that are properties.

• Develop the best creative environment ever seen. Encourage the team to share ideas in a blog of innovation, next, ask everybody to vote in their favorites.

• Close your presentation in an instant. Don't send to the analysis by e-mail and get stuck receiving several revision copies. Instead of it, make an upload of the presentation in the Connections and share to the entire team. Everyone can comment and post updates with new versions of the original file.

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