Flex Support

Flex Support was thought to attend companies in need of qualificated IT skilled labor, but many times they don't have enough human resources to supply this demand.

It's structure consists of a module of services which bears the IT infrastructure resources, assisting the critical applications of the companies to keep themselves available, reliable and accessible.

The biggest vantage of  adhering Flex is that the module comprises several technologies, allowing the client to opt for specialized services that are more appropriated to their technical and operational needs presented.

Flex offers specialized support services in the following technologies:


Seeking to attend clients with different IT infrastructure resources, LB2 provides two service plans for Flex: Flex 20 and Flex 40.

Flex Support 20  
Flex Support 40  

Some benefits of adhering Flex: 

  • Directs the collaborators' team to the main activity of business.
  • Optmizes the operational efficiency in IT and, as a result, in the entire company
  • Minimises the number of services contracts
  • Accessible prices

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