On a clear bias related to the economic slowdown, the Brazilian IT market moved, in 2012, 128 billion dollars, totalling a close increase of 11% compared to the previous year. This data shows basically the double of the average global increase (5,9% of increase) and ranks Brazil as the seventh biggest IT market in the world*.

Even though the sector doens't present a good development level, the professionals quota acquired by the market doens't show optimistic numbers. According to the recruitment and selection company Asap, in 2011, the search for specialized professionals in IT arose  60%, and the difficulty that the companies face at the time of hiring skilled labor keeps growing**.

In this scenario, hiring consulting services can be a great alternative. Not only because many times the IT questions implicate determinated and short-terms, but also because the hiring of collaborators requires much more onerous practices.

LB2 consulting comes with a goal of  facilitating the transformation of the IT environmento into a stratecgic agent inside the organization. For this, we allied the knowledge and the disposal tools in the environment  with the expertise and the holistic vision of an experienced and multitasking team.

The process concerns four fundamental steps: environment analysis (complete consultative diagnosis of the IT environment), architectural systems (performed internally in LB2, it's the desing of the new systems or technologies that will be integrated to the infrastructure),  implementation (installation empowerment related to the required applications) and finally e por fim, the technical support (assistance and attendance in case of critical operations performed on the applied technologies).

The consulting service of LB2 can develop solutions for several questions related to your business:

Some of the objectives more searched by our clients:

  • To balance the supply and demand of products
  • To achieve a scalable structured and unstructured database management
  • To minimise costs and increase the performance of several departments
  • To evaluate with more accuracy the performance of salespeople and sales coordinators
  • To optimize internal communication channels permeating corporate politics and directives

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*Computerworld (By Editorial Board, April 11th 2013)
**Veja (Carreiras, by James Della Valle; November 14th 2011)

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