IT Optimization

LB2 actuates with the real technological infrastructure needs of clients from distinct segments. For this, the company makes consultative diagnosis with the purpose of performing a thorough analysis in the IT environment. After the evaluation, our systems are architectured for every kind of application, seeking the implementation with complete exploitation of every resource available.

LB2 offers IT optimization for the following technologies:

  • Data Storage

To simplify the database management is vital to withstand the business increasing. Many companies have been growing their storage capacity, adjusting the data number in expansion with relevance and access of unstructured contents.

  • Database

Efficient database are quickly and guarantee high availability of servers, reducing costs of time by inactivity. LB2 offers solutions in intallation, technical support, management, data base administration and upgrade.

  • Data Protection

To protect passwords, credentials, identities, corporate secrets, among others. The solutions of data protection go from the creation of risk management backups and hazards to the implementation of cryptography systems and sharing of keys and access of information.

  • Operation Systems

The preventive maintenance that you provide for your operational systems minimises the time you spend to solve critical operations. Increasing the productivity, the speed and efficiency of your operations leaves your company ready for new opportunities.

  • Virtualization

A more dinamic and flexible data center and minimises the costs of fixed assets through the convergence servers and operations automation. Besides this, the virtualization allows the remote access for collaborators and temporaries without losing sight of performance and safety.

  • Collaboration

Involve clients, providers and collaborators upon the same platform to increase your productivity. Collaborative solutions that unify the language in a strong way, the directives, processes and operational metrics of the entire company.

  • Networking

Interconnection of corporative networks between matrix and business unities, configuration or migration of servers, file sharing, access administration, among others.

As our services are customized, LB2 is always willing to develop new solutions with other technologies that are beyond this specialities.

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