A major challenge for managers is to design an infrastructure aligned with the strategy of the department, enabling greater focus on the rest of the business chain. LB2 helps clients evolve their environments, adopting as its basic premise the reduction of idle periods, data security and controlled absorption peaks services.

Here are some simple solutions that completely change your IT infrastructure:

  • Virtualization

Often, increasing the efficiency and availability of IT resources are directly linked to the length of managing multiple servers. Virtualization environment is a reasonable solution, permits the server consolidation, reducing costs on assets (structure of the data center and energy) and getting greater operational flexibility.

  • Backup and Recovery

The challenges of backup and recovery companies are concentrated in the administration, in the recovery process and prioritization of information retrieved. A modern and automated backup and recovery system can be operated in a few minutes a day. This not only relieves your staff of administrators, but it is also essential to the security of servers, reducing backup windows with replication and adapting the efficient use of the network.

  • Storage Resource Management

A SAN that is in full compliance with the best settings of your hardware, maximizes the performance of your storage system. LB2 has solutions that increase the levels of its storage service, organizing data and enabling much more concise analysis of the performance of your data center.

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