LB2 has the main certifications to work with the best suppliers of products and information technology services on the planet. For this reason, the services of sizing and implementation of technologies performed are completely guaranteed. Besides this, our body of employees does constant recycling and trainings to keep themselves always uptaded.

Some of our certifications:


VMware is a company of virtualization software leader in the thecnology industry.  VMware allows IT to provide services of any device, at any time and at any place.


Oracle is the company number when it comes to development and comercializando of database hardwares and softwares. LB2 is Oracle certified, including in operations of specific products, such as Oracle Solaris system.


Famous for creating the most sold anti-virus of the world, Symantec is the company leader in backup solutions, protection and data recovery.


LB2 is certified and works directly with EMC² storage, north-american multinational listed on Fortune 500 e S&P 500 that provides systems for information infrastructure, software and services. 


IBM, one of the biggest information tehcnology companies in the world, is leader in IT completed solutions, that implicates services, consulting, hardware, software and financial.  LB2 is IBM's partner, using the products and services to offer collaborated solutions and of infrastructure.


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