Why LB2

LB2 is an integrator of IT services by nature and an integrator of people by attitude!

Understanding that people are the main responsible for distinguishing the service provided to our customers' needs, we seek to develop an informal and relaxed workplace. Thus, LB2 prioritizes the relashionships and understands that is also contribuiting to the satisfaction of one of its main customers: its partner team. 

The company undertakes to develop career plans, awaring about wages and benefits according to the regional IT market. We also seek to create challenges for the team and distinguish the recognition concieved to each member of our group.

In a short time, we hope our team becomes consolidate as reference for building lasting relashionships and to achieve results. And you, who has affinity towards IT area, likes to overcome challenges and is looking for an ideal place to apply your talents, you can make part of our team! Your Curriculum Vitae or application is very welcome and it will be analized with a lot of respect and attention. 

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