Organizational Culture

Being a sustainable company is not only to measure the good financial development  over the years. Lb2 is conscious of being an interdependent orgnanism of a number of factors that contribute to success.

Our culture was created watching the three basic pillars to the existence of our business: our people, our partners and clients and technology. Inside these pillars, we attached essential premises for our development.


To achieve great performance, our collaborators are always committed with their tasks and assignemts. We recognise that every one has its own special expertise, and that the diversity of these competences integrate our body strength.


We have as partners our clients, and the best industries and service providers of our activity sector.


We will be avant-garde in information technology. For this, we must be always aware and capable of absorving evolutions and to manage properly the resources of our infrastructure. Analyze the scenarios and the technological changes is fundamental to keep our capital structured. 

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