Director's note

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for visiting our website.

LB2 is a young company, composed of professionals with different experiences in information technology. I put here the word young, not only because we are an organization in its youth, but also because we present the best that there's in youth: our capability to adapt to changes and the sincere wish to innovate. 

I believe we are in the right path.
Little by litlle, we could have shown how our work is serious and competent.

Information technology has changed a lot the last years to now. It left being only a agent of operational maintanence of companies and started changing completely the way we think and do business. By removing any geographical restrictions and related to the collaborative comunication, it became fundamental in every strategic planning. There isn't doubt anymore that the leader companies will be the first to invest in technology and comunication.

Fortunately, our partners understand and take part of our aspiration. This made possible the maturation of our place in the market, as well as the evolution in our clients portfolio. In this context, we started offering a new corporate aproach. We adopted new principles and guidelines that we would like to share with you.

I thank you again for taking your time to meet more about LB2. I let my invitation to you so you can contact us and discover how we can help you, either with products and services directed to your company or with career and buniess opportunities.


Luister Bonzanini

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